Head's Up - Push In Robberies

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Head's Up - Push In Robberies Empty Head's Up - Push In Robberies

Post by manhattanspeak on Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:44 pm

Mods - please retitle or refile as necessary. I haven't been on GV or wave so I am unsure of where to post this...

At lunch today I mentioned that there might have been push in robberies in the neighborhood. Without spreading rumors and/or unconfirmed information, I want to communicate what was told to me via my son's grandmother (aka The Grandma Network.) She has lived in Inwood 30+ years, and would not have told me this info if she was not concerned. We have extended family on her side that work bar at Piper's Kilt.

That said - THIS IS FOURTH HAND INFO which is why I am listing it as such.

OK [family member] said they were talking about it in Pipers. One girl in the bldg by Pipers, pushed in and ransacked the apt, beat her, hospitalized the time varies. One on 207th in the bldg on 207th with the green awning and one on Seaman, not sure where. No more info on those. 2 guys and a girl. She said they have been talking about them for weeks. Just be careful. Supposedly young light skinned blacks or hispanics.

I believe these people fits the description of another recent crime?

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Head's Up - Push In Robberies Empty Re: Head's Up - Push In Robberies

Post by asf_73 on Wed Feb 10, 2010 11:10 pm

Z, do you think it possible to find out what time said push-ins occured? Possibly we can hit that area on patrol.

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