assault on bennett and 184

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assault on bennett and 184 Empty assault on bennett and 184

Post by lara on Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:32 pm

I was approached by 3 young men who appeared to be in their late teens this morning at around 10:30 as I was walking up Bennett Avenue going to the 181st Street A Station. As I passed by them, one of them punched me in the back of my head with a closed fist. I was too terrified to confront them as I was outnumbered, and wasn't sure there were any other people close to help me, by so i quicky turned the corner to 184th street - as i got nearer to the subway entrance i saw another woman crying and rubbing the back of her head, explaining to those around her that she had also been hit by these young men moments earlier. a man working in the area was on the phone with the police and after being on the phone with them for approximately 15 minutes i gave up and left the scene due to the fact that they couldn't even remember our location after being questioned repeating it numerous times. the incompetence was infuriating; and i am quite certain the perpertrators were long out of sight by the time any police would show up, despite the fact the precinct is around the corner.


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