Isham Park Mugger Suspects

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Isham Park Mugger Suspects Empty Isham Park Mugger Suspects

Post by Linnie_Inwood on Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:16 am

I went to my building's safety committee meeting last night and one of the members reported that the police may have caught 2 of the young men involved in a series of assaults in the park. They were ID'd in a lineup by the man who was mugged about a week ago in Isham Park.

At first, the man who was mugged was told by an onlooker NOT to call the police. However, another person already called 911 and the 2 young men were caught on Broadway exiting the park.

The man on our committee who was mugged a few weeks ago (PTW and 214th) was not informed of this incident and arrest. He is an attorney. I'm sure he will follow-up on this matter.

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