Inwood Safety Meeting 02/22/2010 notes

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Inwood Safety Meeting 02/22/2010 notes Empty Inwood Safety Meeting 02/22/2010 notes

Post by Jewyorican on Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:47 am

Inwood Safety Patrol Meeting 02/22/2010

Reaching out to Politicians:

* Espaillat is on the State level. We can get letters of support and the like from him, but we should contact City Council (Jackson), The Boro President, CB 12 safety sub-committee, and the Mayor's office.
* We should push the city to conduct a feasibility study to 'prove a need' for the 34th precinct to be split, or for Inwood to have a precinct substation. This is a long term goal, but one worth striving for.
* Harlan will talk to CB
* Selina will attend CB12 meeting on 02/23 (1150 St. Nicholas)

What Positive things came out if the Espaillat sponsored meeting?

* There was a large turnout at that meeting. The ISP should try to harness that turnout
* Debbie Nathan was able to talk
* Lyana was able to introduce ISP

What do we need to maintain Patrols?

* 'Uniform'-Possibly hats or shirts. Reflective vests would also be useful.
* Many shomrims have ID cards.
* Walkie talkies or radios

Google Voice:

* Turn off screening option
* Have a 'call 911 if this is an emergency' disclaimer on voicemail
* Is the 914 area code problematic (since it's not a local number)?
* Possible number forwarding 'shifts' during certain hours to answer the phone and check voicemail


* Have Spanish speakers reach out to community east of Broadway
* Have Spanish version of every flyer/publication
* Find a space and have recruitment meeting.
* Possible meeting locations: Churches, Manhattan Storage (find out who broker is), ask NOMAA about space options
* Spanish interpreter at recruitment meeting?
* Try to have an ISP representative at every relevant community meeting
* Have a table at the Farmer's Market
* Fliers at the library

34th Precinct

* Set up face to face meeting with 34th
* Strive to get a point-person (possibly officer Pabey) who will monitor forum for crime reports, suggestions for improvement, and NYPD misconduct
* How can the ISP help the 34th? Our main goal is to help the NYPD do their job more effectively
* The ISP needs to provide info to the 34th in a systematic and organized manner
* Make sure the 34th listens to our reports and follows up
* Possible training for ISP members by the 34th
* CO Capul left (long) voicemail on Google Voice number expressing desire for face to face meeting
* Pressure 34th and DCPI to allow the Manhattan Times to have a crime blotter

Debbie Nathan

* Carla asked (and offered to handle): Is the ISP willing to work with Debbie Nathan (as an intermediary to the 34th) to get a. an original police report (she has yet to get one) and b. post fliers regarding the attack and future attacks. Carla will call Debbie
* Wants the perp to get help (possible mental problems)

Other Stuff:

* New Flier with tear-offs of forum web address was handed out so that members could hang them up
* Rose has access to a copy machine
* We should start considering fundraising options
* We should contact a lawyer and start process of becoming non-profit
* We need to form a 'board of directors'
* We should rotate meeting locations
* Have a forum topic where people can inform ISP what they're "good at" and how it can help us outside of regular patrol walks

Thank you everyone who came!

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