Police Verification Failed to Accurately Report Crime

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Police Verification Failed to Accurately Report Crime Empty Police Verification Failed to Accurately Report Crime

Post by pfriman on Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:05 pm

On Tuesday night, 12/15/09, at around 10:30 p.m., I (age 50) was returning from the laundromat to my apartment in Inwood where I have been living for 10 years. I used the unlocked side entrance so I could wheel my shopping cart full of laundry down the ramp to the elevator in the basement rather than attempt to hoist it up the building's front steps through the lobby, where the superintendent's holiday party was in full swing.

Entering the basement through the courtyard, I came face to face with a stranger brandishing two pitbulls straining at their chains. After I passed by him, he came after me with the pitbulls, trapping me between the laundry machines and the elevator door. The elevator wasn't there so I pressed the button. He got right up in my face. He smelled and appeared intoxicated. He terrorized me while I waited for the elevator by threatening repeatedly that he was going to punch me in the face. He said that he has known the superintendent for 10 years. He kept calling me a little bitch and threatening me to keep quiet. Then he shoved me against the wall as the elevator arrived.

I escaped in the elevator up to my apartment. I dropped off the laundry and called 911. The partygoers in the lobby told the police that the perpetrator I described had just gone up one flight of stairs into an apartment which is visible from the lobby. The police knocked on the door to that apartment and a new tenant answered. She said the perpetrator wasn't home, but the pitbulls could be heard from the hallway. She said the pitbulls belonged to her, not the perpetrator, identifying him by name.

I made a complaint against him at the scene with the reasonable expectation that I could get a protective order for me and my wife. I asked the reporting police officer of the 34th precinct to write the crime up as second-degree menacing (NYPL § 120.14[1]), a misdemeanor, given the dangerous instrument consisting of two pitbulls readily capable of causing serious physical injury. However, it was misclassified as the lesser crime of second-degree harassment (NYPL § 240.26[1]), a violation.

Moreover, the verification (police report) I later received fails to report that I was shoved and threatened repeatedly with a punch in the face, as the building's video surveillance cameras would have recorded.

Please help me get my complaint corrected. Thank you.


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